Wall Heaters Lakewood


No matter what type of heating system you have in your home, there are areas in the house that are left cold due to the absence of any heating system. Such places include the bathrooms, hallways and even the kitchen. Wall heaters are the ideal equipment for such areas. They are also useful to heat spaces where free-standing heaters cannot be placed.

Count on Allred Heating, Cooling Electric for any services like repairs or installation of electric wall heaters in the Lakewood, WA area. We recommend the installation of electric wall heaters for studio apartments, small offices, and other similar places.

Trust our technicians for the efficient installation of all makes and models of heaters in your home or office. We will recommend the best model that best suits your budget and your requirements. Some features of wall mounted heaters include:

  • Thermal cutoffs
  • Digital displays
  • Varying voltage and wattage operations
  • Control over temperature

Electric Wall Heaters Lakewood


If you already have a wall heater that is now posing problems, you must get a new one instead of repairing the old one constantly. Electric wall heaters only last so long and if they have passed their age, installing a new one is much safer. Also, you will now have a better model that is very energy efficient and when working requiring very little electricity.

Rely on us for the right choice and installation of electric wall heaters around Lakewood. We will choose the appropriate heaters for your home or office based on the following factors:

  • Style
  • Safety features
  • Size
  • Type

As compared to a gas wall heater, the electric heaters are considered safer as they do not have to deal with any chemicals or gases to work. However, you need to ensure that the coils of the heater get adequate space to cool off. Avoid placing any upholstery near the heater. Also, ensure that there are no curtains nearby.

Wall Heater Lakewood


The ideal wall heater for your Lakewood home or office is one that gives you the required warmth. Rely on us for installing the right wall heater in your home in the Lakewood area as we provide the following services to our clients:

  • Repair of any existing heater
  • Regular maintenance
  • Service updates

Get in touch with our representative to learn the cost of a new wall heater and about its installation details.

Call Allred Heating, Cooling Electric at 253-777-3132 for any services required for electric wall heaters in the Lakewood area.