Mitsubishi Wall Heaters Installed in Kirkland Homes


Get in touch with Allred Heating, Cooling and Electric if you are looking for innovative, smart, efficient, user-friendly and affordable options in heating systems for your home in Kirkland, WA. We are a licensed, bonded and insured heating contractor that is also a leading dealer for Mitsubishi electric wall heaters in the Kirkland area.

Offered by a prominent company with a stellar reputation world-wide, our electric wall heaters assure Kirkland homeowners of:

  • Stylish, sleek heaters that do not mar, but add to the room décor
  • Efficient heating systems that increase home comfort
  • Durable heating solutions that improve resale value of the property
  • Excellent investments that give good returns for years to come

The wall heater products are available in a range of sizes and design types. Come to us today to find the wall heater that is perfect for your home and heating needs.

Electric Wall Heaters - Benefits for the Kirkland Homeowner


Our electric wall heaters are loved by Kirkland homeowners for all the wonderful benefits the products offer them. These wall heater products are a lot more efficient than many conventional heating systems. The heaters can be used to supplement the existing central heating, or may be installed independently of any other system.

With the electric wall heaters installed in their Kirkland homes, our customers:

  • Enjoy comfort-on-demand with zoned heating
  • Save money on energy bills
  • Get even remotely located or rarely used spaces heated, when necessary

Additionally, a large number of our heating systems are Energy Star qualified and therefore can bring tax credits or utility rebates for the people who get these electric wall heaters installed in their Kirkland homes.

Why Choose Us for Wall Heater Installations in Kirkland?


Getting an electric wall furnace or wall heater for your Kirkland home from us makes sense, and not just because we supply top-notch products carrying a reputable brand name. It is advisable also because we follow it up with skillful, error-free water heater installation at your place.

Whether you shop with us for an electric bathroom wall heater for your Kirkland home or get a heater for any other room, you can depend on us for quality products and seamless installation services. All our wall heater installations in Kirkland homes are marked by:

  • Great workmanship
  • Fast job completion
  • Safety and neatness
  • Courteous and friendly conduct by installers

Contact Allred Heating, Cooling and Electric to discuss the options that electric wall heaters offers your Kirkland home. Call 206-452-1991.