Wall Heaters Gig Harbor


Electric wall heaters are one of the best devices to keep the home interiors warm and cozy. They are especially handy for small spaces where you cannot use stand-alone units. Installed inside walls, these heaters do not take up much space.

However, with the amount of use they get, they do require repairs, maintenance, and occasional replacement.

Trust Allred Heating, Cooling Electric for any services related gas or electric wall heaters in the Gig Harbor, WA area. As an established heating contractor, we offer the following services for gas and electric wall heaters:

  • New installation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Repair and maintenance

Do not be lured by those contractors that quote lower pricing for their services. Instead, look for those that offer value for your money. You want your home and family to be safe. Trust only the qualified and the experienced heating contractors for any services for a wall heater in Gig Harbor.

Electric Wall Heaters Gig Harbor


Whenever you require repairs or maintenance for electric wall heaters, trust us. We have been offering maintenance services for our clients for several years now and have the expertise to work on all types of electric wall heaters.

You should call us to repair the electric wall heaters in your Gig Harbor area home if you notice the following:

  • The fan is not working
  • Not generating heat
  • The heater is turning on and off frequently
  • Foul odor emanating

There could be several reasons for these issues. Only a qualified electrician will be able to inspect and diagnose the problem. Whatever the issue, our technician will not only find it out but will also provide the right solutions for it.

Wall Heater Gig Harbor


You can keep your wall heater in the best working condition by getting it checked at regular intervals. Instead of waiting for a problem to surface, it is better to inspect the wall heater and have any minor issues resolved.

We can keep your wall heater in your Gig Harbor area property fully functional after diagnosing and solving problems like:

  • Loose wiring
  • A tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse
  • Incorrect thermostat setting
  • Defective heating element

As we work on your wall heater, we will repair or replace the parts causing problems. This will make the unit function optimally once again, returning your home to its usual warmth and coziness.

Feel free to call Allred Heating, Cooling Electric at 253-777-3132 for any services for your gas or electric wall heaters in your home around Gig Harbor.