Mitsubishi Wall Heaters Installed in Bonney Lake Homes


Looking for an electric wall furnace or wall heater for your home in Bonney Lake, WA? Check out the products offered by Allred Heating, Cooling and Electric. We are a dealer for Mitsubishi electric wall heaters in the Bonney Lake area.

We are a licensed, bonded and insured heating contractor that is known throughout the community for it's consistent commitment to excellence. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the finest in heating systems and, therefore, offer wall heater products that come from a highly reputable company with an impressive standing internationally in the home comfort industry.

Our electric wall heaters are products that Bonney Lake homeowners can trust for:

  • Superior performance
  • Excellent durability
  • Aesthetic design and quality manufacturing

Investing in our electric wall heaters assures Bonney Lake homeowners of great value for their money.

Electric Wall Heaters - Benefits for the Bonney Lake Homeowner


It is essential to have a heating system in place to keep your home warm and your loved ones comfortable. Equally important is to pick a system that offers optimum heating and energy efficiency. This is where our electric wall heater comes in.

Coming to us for electric wall heaters brings Bonney Lake homeowners several benefits. Our units:

  • Heat rooms much more efficiently than many other heating systems
  • Offer personalized comfort
  • Operate quietly
  • Use less energy than conventional HVAC systems, ensuring lower bills
  • Prevent wasting of energy in heating unoccupied rooms

Additionally, many of the electric wall heaters we offer to Bonney Lake residents are Energy Star rated and can fetch utility rebates or tax credits.

Why Choose Us for Wall Heater Installations in Bonney Lake?


To get the most out of the wall heater in your Bonney Lake home, you must make sure that it is installed properly, strictly following the manufacturer's instructions. Get in touch with us if you are planning to get an electric wall heater installed.

We not only provide you with a top-quality product, but also ensure its impeccable installation. Whether you require an electric bathroom wall heater for your Bonney Lake home, want a unit installed in your bedroom, or need one for the living room, we are the experts to call.

Choosing us for wall heater installation in Bonney Lake means getting the job done:

  • Quickly
  • Seamlessly
  • Neatly and safely
  • Smoothly, without any hassle

The residents of Bonney Lake who are in the market for electric wall heaters should contact Allred Heating, Cooling and Electric. Call 206-452-1991.