Does Your Redmond Home Need a New Furnace?


Are you in the market for a new furnace for your Redmond, WA home? Looking for a high-quality electric or gas furnace that will:

  • Keep your home adequately warm
  • Not require frequent repairs
  • Last long
  • Be a truly ‘value for money’ purchase

You can rest assured of getting just the right new furnace you want at Allred Heating, Cooling, Electric. Our family-owned company is a leading supplier of furnaces and also provides new furnace installation services in Redmond.

We offer a vast selection of appliances with popular brands that homeowners trust when buying a new furnace. These include American Standard, Amana, Chrysler, Frigidaire and more.

We handle furnace installation jobs for new homes and also for replacing old, worn-out furnaces in existing homes. Get a new furnace from us if the one in your home is past its useful life.

Furnace Installation Services for Redmond Residents


Our licensed, bonded and insured company has built a reputation for doing seamless, code-compliant furnace installation work. We take every job, big or small, seriously and are committed to providing thoroughly professional furnace installation services for all our Redmond customers.

Once you come to us with your new furnace requirements, sit back and relax with the peace of mind that the furnace installation will be completed:

  • Exactly as specified by the manufacturer
  • As fast as possible
  • With minimal disruption to your family life

After our technicians are finished with the job, they make sure to test your newly installed system carefully and confirm that it is functioning correctly. We also remove all debris and tools from the job site and charge competitive prices.

Electric or Gas Furnace - We Got You Covered in Redmond!


The goal with which we serve everyone who comes to us for an electric or gas furnace is to supply them with an energy-efficient system that fits their:

  • Home
  • Family requirements
  • Budget

With our extensive experience, we know that electric or gas furnace installation in Redmond homes should start with accurate load calculations. We consider factors like dimensions of the building, a number of doors and windows, energy-efficiency of windows, home insulation and ductwork to recommend an appropriately-sized electric or gas furnace.

Want help with choosing the right electric or gas furnace for your Redmond home? Need an honest estimate of furnace installation cost? Call Allred Heating, Cooling, Electric at (206) 452-1991.