Mini Split Tacoma


The increase in temperature during summer compels people to move towards comfortable temperatures. Air conditioners produce cooling effects by removing hot, humid indoor air.

Depending upon the need, resources and space, an appropriate air conditioner must be chosen. Among common types like window or central air conditioners, ductless or split air conditioners are often preferred for homes, offices, schools and hospitals.

That's because mini split air conditioners include:

  • Indoor units that manages indoor air
  • Outdoor units with compressor/condenser
  • Connecting tubes containing refrigerant
  • Suction tubes
  • Power cables

Mini split units, apart from providing comfortable temperatures, also improve indoor air quality and minimize risks associated with respiratory troubles. Allred Heating Cooling & Electric, a well-known name in the field of air conditioning and heating systems, offers mini split installation services for Tacoma, WA residents.

Mini Split Installation Tacoma


Mini split installation is beneficial when you add a new room to your home. Ductless mini split installation eliminates the need for additional ductwork and saves money.

Most of the ductless split installations serve dual functions of air conditioner and heat pump and takes away the need for a separate heating system. Mini split installation has proved effective and useful for old homes where construction is not that strong.

There may be many companies dealing in mini split installation in Tacoma, yet we stand class apart. That's because we provide our services for installation:

  • Through factory-trained technicians
  • Using quality materials
  • At affordable prices

We have earned a good reputation as one of the most trustworthy companies offering mini split installation in Tacoma, as you can see from the reviews we have received from our clients.

Tacoma Split AC Installs


Split AC installation is a crucial job and warrants extra care and skill during installation. Improper split AC installation might not give optimal results and require frequent maintenance.

The factors to be kept in mind during split AC installation include:

  • Choosing the right installation spot
  • Properly fixing and mounting brackets
  • Correctly mounting indoor and outdoor units
  • High quality electric wiring

Our skilled technicians are available for split AC installation and repair services. Owing to our impeccable and cost-effective work, we are the most popular among companies offering split AC installation in Tacoma.

If you want to know more about our mini split or split AC installation in Tacoma, call Allred Heating Cooling & Electric at (206) 452-1991.