Mini Split Snoqualmie


Have you been hearing or reading about the limitation of and issues with conventional central HVAC systems? Are you looking for a smarter way to cool or heat your building? Do you wish to save money while enjoying cool, clean indoor air?

Allred Heating Cooling Electric suggests that you go in for ductless mini split installation in your Snoqualmie, WA area property. Ductless air conditioning is a significant improvement over the traditional methods that use ducts installed throughout a property to distribute cool/hot air in the building.

A ductless mini-split comprises wall/ceiling mounted air handling units in separate rooms connected through electrical and refrigerant lines to an outdoor unit. Each indoor air handler has its own remote control system. This means that after we complete ductless mini split installation in your Snoqualmie property, you can have cooling or heating:

  • In just the room you need
  • With minimal energy use (by closing off unused rooms)
  • At the exact temperature you want

Ductless Mini Split Snoqualmie


Get in touch with us right away to learn more about the unique features of ductless mini splits if you are ready to start saving energy and money through controlled HVAC in your property.

A ductless mini split system is used for both cooling and heating the building. As such, the equipment has to operate almost throughout the year. Come to us to ensure that ductless mini split installation in your Snoqualmie area property is done:

  • Using a high-quality product
  • By well-trained technicians
  • With sharp attention to detail

Our top-notch services go a long way in providing your building with a sturdy heating and cooling system that runs unhindered all year long.

Snoqualmie Mini Split Installation and Tune-Ups


We also offer our expert services for seasonal maintenance tune-up of ductless mini-splits. Even the most professional ductless mini split installation in your Snoqualmie area property with the most high-end product can fail to deliver an excellent return on investment if the system is not maintained. Bi-annual seasonal tune-ups of ductless splits are advisable to extract optimal performance from the units.

We are equipped to meet all requirements for ductless HVAC services. Besides supplying a right-sized unit to you and installing it on your property, we can come for its routine servicing.

For both the installation and tune-ups, trust us for services that offer outstanding:

  • Integrity
  • Workmanship
  • Affordability
  • Customer support

Think of Allred Heating Cooling Electric if you are planning on ductless mini split installation in your Snoqualmie area property. Call (425) 366-7430.