Mini Split Shoreline


A standard window air conditioner has been an acceptable system for cooling a small part of a building. The conventional central air system has been quite popular for cooling the entire indoor area at the same time. However, these air conditioning options have certain limitations.

That is why an increasing number of people are switching over to ductless mini split installation in their Shoreline, WA area properties. As is obvious from the name, a ductless mini split is an air conditioning system that does not use ductwork for providing cool air throughout the building. It works with an external unit that is connected to individual air handlers fitted up in different rooms.

At Allred Heating Cooling Electric, we carry out ductless mini split installation on Shoreline properties whose owners wish to achieve indoor cooling without the hassle of traditional air ducts and enjoy:

  • Interior air free of dust and allergen
  • Energy savings, with no ducts to allow air leaks
  • Fresh indoor air, with no ducts to give out the musty smell

Ductless Mini Split Shoreline


Absence of ductwork and problems related to it is not the only benefit that comes from investing in a ductless mini split unit. Preference for this type of air conditioning system is also on the increase because it allows zone-based cooling by providing separate temperature control for all the indoor air handlers.

Schedule a job with us for ductless mini split installation in your Shoreline area property if you too want to benefit from the advanced air conditioning technology.

Whether you have a building that lacks regular ductwork or one that has ducts, count on our technicians to put the new ductless system in place:

  • Quickly
  • Seamlessly
  • Abiding by the local codes

Shoreline Mini Split Installation and Tune-Ups


Professional, diligent ductless mini split installation in any Shoreline area property makes a world of difference to the efficiency, downtime, reliability, and lifespan of the equipment.

Knowing this, we see to it that all our mini-split installs are performed by technicians with:

  • Proper knowledge
  • Vast experience
  • Proven skills
  • Access to advanced tools

Correct installation must be followed up by timely and careful tune-ups of the ductless unit at regular intervals. We are happy to provide seasonal maintenance services also to help our customers keep their ductless mini splits working at peak efficiency, year after year.

Look no further than Allred Heating Cooling Electric for ductless mini split installation services in Shoreline. Also, use us for preventive maintenance and tune-ups of mini splits. Call (206) 452-1991.