Mini Split Lakeland Hills


The ductless systems, also known as mini split systems due to the two units of the system, are ideal for homes that do not have ductwork and for those that require zone wise heating and cooling. The ductless system is perfect also because it is small in size, compact and is energy efficient.

Count on Allred Heating, Cooling Electric for ductless mini split installation services in the Lakeland Hills, WA area. These ductless systems are highly efficient in fulfilling any required cooling and heating needs.

Call our well trained and skilled technicians for the following services related to the mini split systems in Lakeland Hills:

  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Tune-ups

Using the best quality and the company approved parts our technicians ensure that all services that they provide for the ductless systems are thorough and correct. They ensure that there is no compromise in workmanship and your comfort.

Ductless Mini Split Lakeland Hills


The popularity of the ductless mini split system lies in the fact that they are full of useful features. With the ducted HVAC systems, you are compromising on the indoor air quality as the air passes through the dusty and dirty ducts, resulting in poor air quality.

Additionally, they do not let you control the temperature to specific rooms or shut a particular unit if it is not in use.

With the ductless mini split system, there is no such problem. All models of the ductless mini split system offer the following features:

  • Zone wise heating and cooling control
  • Elimination of ductwork maintenance
  • Lower utility bills
  • Fast and easy installation

The ductless systems are ideal for new additions like sunrooms, converted garages, finished basements and other places that require separate systems for heating and cooling.

Lakeland Hills Mini Split Installation and Tune-Ups


The best thing about the ductless systems is that they are installed easily. One outdoor unit can manage more than one indoor unit, which means you can have separate units for all your rooms.

Call us for mini split installation and tune-ups in the Lakeland Hills area.

Our mini split installation services in Lakeland Hills assure:

  • Quick and timely response
  • Complete inspection and checking after installation
  • Cleaning of the job site
  • Hassle free services

Mini split installation done right the first time will avoid you from having problems that are generally associated with improper installation.

Feel free to call Allred Heating, Cooling Electric at (206) 452-1991 for any ductless mini split installation service you may need in the Lakeland Hills area.