Mini Split Edgewood


Have you ever wondered why people install mini splits in their Edgewood, WA properties? This is because it has the power to transform your house into an oasis of comfort. The split keeps the temperature dry and cool in the summer and cozy and warm in the winter.

However, in order to ensure proper mini split installation to enjoy its many benefits, you need to hire a reliable service provider. Read what people have to say about Allred Heating, Cooling Electric in the reviews of their installation of split AC units and you will know whom to hire for your split AC installation.

Compelling reasons to choose us for a split installation:

  • Bonded and insured
  • Certified
  • Licensed
  • Trained

Mini Split Installation Edgewood


With a mini split installation in your Edgewood property, you will receive precise temperature control. A split will help you get the perfect temperature even where you thought it impossible. People have split AC installed because of their compact size and flexibility of heating, cooling, and zoning in different rooms of their homes or offices.

Older homes also greatly benefit from split AC installs in the Edgewood area. It is obviously the perfect solution. By deciding on a split, you get:

  • Different temperature modes to choose from
  • Adjustable fan speeds for each room
  • Control the temperature from within the room itself

If you hire us for ductless air conditioning installation, we will have the system up and running in no time. An additional benefit is the ability to control the unit with a remote! For information about the mini split installation costs, give us a call.

Edgewood Split AC Installs


As far as split AC installation in the Edgewood community is concerned, we install AC units of all makes and models. You can hire us for split AC installs for even the latest model with the most advanced technology. We have a team of trained experts who keep themselves updated with the latest additions of AC units on the market.

Have a split AC installed for your:

  • Residential property
  • Commercial property
  • Institutional buildings

Split AC unit installation works really well for small apartments and room additions as well. This is because in such spaces it is not possible to extend or install distribution ductwork.

Get in touch with Allred Heating, Cooling Electric at (206) 452-1991 to discuss split AC installation for your Edgewood residence. We offer mini split installation at affordable rates.