Heating Contractor for the Sumner Community


The best way to turn a house into a home is to ensure it’s well-heated. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of stepping into a toasty warm house, and certainly nothing more inviting and welcoming.

Allred Heating proudly serves the Sumner, WA area and beyond with the best possible heating systems and heating repair services out there. We’re dedicated and committed to helping all our Sumner clients make their homes as comfortable as can be, locking out the cold for good.

What’s more, our professional support team is there right from the very beginning to help give you an idea of all the possible heating system solutions available to you. Whether big or small, palace or flat, we’re ready to find you the very best heating system you need for this and every winter season.

Call us for:

  • Heating system installations
  • Repair services
  • Routine maintenance and tune ups

Heating Repair and Maintenance Services for Sumner Heating Systems


Can you imagine anything more nightmarish than getting home late, walking from your car through the late cold night air, stepping into your home, flicking the thermostat and waiting impatiently, only for your heating system to have choked out its last bit of warmth?

At Allred Heating, we’ll make sure that no home in Sumner will ever face that fate. For heating repair and maintenance, we’re second to none, and we offer all our clients in the Sumner area the best professional heating repair support at highly reasonable rates.

We believe that it’s crucial to provide constant support and maintenance, and we’re happy to extend our heating repair services to our clients from the very day they get a new heating system.

You’ll never go cold again. At least not while you’re in your Sumner home, that is.

Our repair services are:

  • Fast
  • Affordable
  • Efficient

Heating Systems for Clean Air, Fuel Savings and Efficiency in Sumner


If your heating system is ending up costing you a fortune, you ought to give Allred Heating a call. There are many alternatives that are:

  • Cleaner
  • Greener
  • More efficient
  • More cost-effective

We all ought to be doing our part to usher in a more responsible, energy-efficient future. And thanks to Allred Heating, your heating system can be exactly that.

For Sumner residents and in the greater area, we’re on standby to provide you with the very best heating system you require, and to take on any heating repair jobs you might face.

Give us a call, or visit us in person.