Heating Contractor for the Edgewood Community


Washington gets cold. There’s no two ways about it.

But for keeping your house warm and cozy year round with an excellent heating system, Allred Heating is your one-stop choice. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, skill and service when it comes to heating systems and heating repair.

We keep Edgewood, WA warm, in other words. Whether you’re looking to install a new heating system, move to a cleaner and greener model, or if you’re looking for heating repair and solutions, then our professionals at Allred Heating are glad to offer their assistance.

We’ll help Edgewood residents get set up, warm and toasty for any cold front. We provide heating system services for:

  • New installations
  • Repair needs
  • Seasonal maintenance

Heating Repair and Maintenance Services for Edgewood Heating Systems


Shock blizzard and freezing pipes? Burst leak in some unknown, cold corner between the walls?

Heating repair is never something to take for granted, and if your heating system is facing problems, it’s essential to get it looked at right away. A heating system, just like anything else, needs regular maintenance and checks to make sure it’s running smoothly and at its best.

That’s why we at Allred Heating offers all Edgewood residents our professional services for all kinds of heating repair jobs. Not only do we help you with new heating system solutions, but we’ll be by your side in the long run for all your heating repair needs.

We’ve seen a lot of things in our experience providing Edgewood with the finest professional heating services, and you can rely on us for all your heating repair. Pick up the phone or walk into ouroffices today to find out how we can cater to your Edgewood heating system.

Our heating repairs are guaranteed to be:

  • Long lasting
  • Timely
  • Economical

Heating Systems for Clean Air, Fuel Savings and Efficiency in Edgewood


A good heating system doesn’t just keep you and yours warm. It can actually help you save money and energy at the same time.

At Allred Heating, we’ll walk you step by step through the often complicated field of heating systems, to ensure you end up with clean air, and more change left in your pocket. Especially in today’s climates, saving fuel and saving money is crucial to living responsibly.

We can help you find a heating system that is:

  • Energy-efficient
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Affordable

If you’re looking for the best of the best of heating contractors in Edgewood for your heating systems and heating repair, be sure to call Allred Heating today. Get nestled in, kick off your shoes, and let a heating system from Allred Heating do the rest.