Heat Pump Repair for Puyallup Homeowners


People who use heat pumps to maintain their year-long home comfort may occasionally need the help of heat pump repair experts. Even the finest systems can develop snags.

Make Allred Heating Cooling Electric your first call for heat pump repair services in Puyallup, WA. Our bonded, licensed and insured HVAC company has resolved heat pump cooling problems and heating issues for countless homeowners in the area. We look forward to meeting your heat pump repair needs, as well.

We offer comprehensive heat pump repair in Puyallup, including to fix:

  • Ice formation on inside coils
  • Defective valves
  • Broken outdoor unit
  • A heat pump compressor that's not turning on

Heat Pump Installation for Heating & Cooling Puyallup Homes


Are you on the market to get a new heat pump for your home? Call us. We can ensure that you'll make a rewarding investment in enhancing your home comfort by helping you picking a properly-sized, top-grade product. Then, we'll carry out seamless heat pump installation.

Not hiring well-trained professionals for heat pump installation can cause several problems down the road. Improper heat pump installation in your Puyallup home can lead to:

  • Inadequate, inconsistent heating or cooling
  • Unreasonably high energy expenses
  • Frequent breakdowns calling for costly heat pump repair
  • Premature heat pump replacement

Let us handle your heat pump installation job if you want your unit to perform optimally for years to come. Along with their skills and experience, our technicians make sure to follow the heat pump installation guide provided by each system manufacturer.

Do You Need Heat Pump Service in Puyallup? Call Allred!


Professional heat pump installation must be followed up with regular heat pump service if you want the unit to keep working efficiently. You must get at least annual heat pump maintenance done to minimize the effects of wear and tear on your system

While every appliance needs periodic preventive maintenance servicing and tune-up, heat pump service is especially essential for constant, year-long use of the unit.

Call us without fail for regular heat pump service in Puyallup to make your system last for the long run. We have our technicians work with a detailed heat pump maintenance checklist and they'll conduct very thorough heat pump service to have the unit:

  • Carefully inspected for malfunctions, leaks and other issues
  • Cleaned of all dirt and clogs
  • Adjusted for seamless operation

Hire Allred Heating Cooling Electric for heat pump service and tune-up in Puyallup. Homeowners can also contact us for heat pump repair and installation services. Dial (253) 777-3132.