Generator Repair and Maintenance for Fircrest Residents


People who have generators for home use would agree that the investment is well worth doing. However, the system is only as good as the generator. If it will not start when you need it, it is not serving its purpose.

At Allred Heating Cooling Electric we provide generator service and maintenance to keep your generating equipment working at peak efficiency. We offer Fircrest, WA residents regular generator maintenance. We come to your home at regular intervals to inspect, clean and tune-up your system.

Our company is also the leading source for generator repair services in Fircrest and its surrounding areas. It is best to have any problems with generators fixed while they are still minor. Call us for generator repair in your Fircrest home if you observe that your system is:

  • Physically damaged
  • Leaking fuel
  • Taking longer than usual to start
  • Having issues with its electrical components

Generator Repair and Installation for Fircrest Homeowners


As a licensed, bonded and insured company, we are committed to providing professional generator repair services to Fircrest homeowners.

We are able to work on all generator systems because we:

  • Understand the latest in technology
  • Use top-quality replacement parts
  • Give keen attention to detail

Our company handles generator repair jobs for standby generators as well as portable systems.

We can also be hired for the installation or replacement of home generators. Installation of power backup systems is not a DIY job. Bring in our experts so you have the peace of mind that your equipment is installed properly and safely.

Generator Service for Backup Power in Fircrest


The need for an alternate power source is higher than most homeowners realize. There can be many reasons your electricity becomes unavailable, such as:

  • Blackouts due to power shortage
  • Auto accidents damaging power lines
  • Earthquakes or floods destroying the power grid infrastructure
  • Hurricanes or snowstorms damaging power substation

As a Kohler and Generac generator service provider in the Fircrest area, we help you stay prepared to face such emergencies. From determining the right generator for your needs to installing the equipment correctly to performing preventive maintenance to making repairs, we offer generator services to meet your complete backup power needs.

If you are tired of power outages upsetting your household activities or want your alternate power source to be more reliable, call us today to learn how our generator service experts can help.

Come to Allred Heating Cooling Electric for the highest quality generator service in the Fircrest area. Call (206) 452-1991 to schedule a generator repair or maintenance job.