Gas Furnace Repair Tacoma


Do you need gas furnace repair services in Tacoma, WA? Allred Heating Cooling and Electric can help. We are a licensed, bonded and insured contractor that specializes in gas heater repair.

Our technicians are trained at carrying out gas furnace repair for systems of all makes, models, and sizes of gas furnaces. Do not waste time looking at other gas heater repair service providers. Call us right away when you suspect something is wrong with your gas furnace.

Swift action on your part can limit the malfunctioning of the system and save you from a hefty gas furnace repair bill. Below are some symptoms of furnace problems that alert you to the need to call our gas furnace repair experts to your Tacoma property:

  • Short on and off cycles
  • Noisy operation
  • Continuously running blower
  • Pilot going out repeatedly

Gas Heater Repair Tacoma


There are many ways of heating a home or commercial building. Gas heating systems are finding favor among a growing number of property owners because of their many beneficial features, such as:

  • Use of an efficient and clean burning fuel
  • No risk of suddenly running out of fuel
  • Affordable heating

When you use a gas heater, you are bound to need gas heater repair service once in a while. It is best that you call a gas heater repair professional to problem shoot the operation of your system when you suspect a problem.

Let us take care of your gas heater repair needs in Tacoma. We work on your system with the best in men, materials, and equipment. Our technicians work with the most advanced tools to have the gas heater repair done carefully without any gas leakage mishaps. We also use top-grade supplies to deliver lasting repair solutions.

Tacoma Gas Furnace Service


Seasonal gas furnace service is the best way of minimizing your equipment downtime and gas furnace repair expenses. Call us for an annual gas furnace service if you want optimal and uninterrupted interior comfort in your home or business throughout the winters, year after year.

We realize that gas furnace service should be done not only on a regular basis but also thoroughly to be actually effective in improving the performance and longevity of the system. We have our gas furnace service jobs in Tacoma handled by technicians who are:

  • Well-trained
  • Honest and diligent
  • Dedicated and dependable

To schedule a gas furnace repair job or get an estimate on gas furnace service costs, Tacoma residents should call Allred Heating Cooling and Electric at (206) 452-1991.