Furnace Repair and Maintenance Services Available in Mercer Island


Call the specialists at Allred Heating, Cooling and Electric for either repair or purchase of a new furnace for your home in Mercer Island.

Allred Heating Provides Value, Expertise and Friendly Service

The owners of Allred Heating have been working with HVAC and electrical projects for 10+ years and can assist Mercer Island homeowners with service to your current furnace or in the selection of a new one to save on energy bills.

It is a family company and wants to make their valued customers feel like a member of their family, too.

Their rates are reasonable, the work is expert, and they can even schedule emergency service on the weekends.

Call 206-452-1991 or 425-366-7430 with inquiries or to make an appointment. You can find testimonies at www.allredheating.com/testimonials or look on Angie’s List or Yelp so see what others have to say! You’ll be pleased!

New Furnace Options for Mercer Island Residents


Allred Heating features three furnaces from American Standard chosen for their durability and efficiency.

All three not only meet but exceed government standards for efficiency and they all reduce greenhouse gas emissions good for you and the environment.

The Gold ZM Furnace is top of the line and is able to convert an amazing 95% plus of your fuel into heat.

Another feature is the variable speed fan motor that not only spreads the heat evenly into every room but it can keep your home cooler in hot weather by reducing indoor humidity.

The standard Gold SM Furnace is also quite efficient with converting fuel into heat and is quiet and durable for a long life in your home. The Gold SM Furnace 2 Stage helps reduce temperature swings. Talk to the staff at Allred about which is best for you.

Why choose us for Furnace Service in Mercer Island?


Improper maintenance can shorten the life of your furnace by years. It will also cause it to work less efficiently so you will spend more on fuel as time goes by.

Allred Heating can help you select the best maintenance schedule for your furnace for both a longer life and more economical heating. They will change the filters for you and give the machine a tune-up to ward off future problems.

For more information on the furnaces please check the website or give us a call remember fast and friendly!