Furnace Repair and Maintenance Services Available in Bellevue


Great value together with expertise is what Allred Heating, Cooling and Electrical are known for.

Call Allred Heating for Service on Your Furnace

Just as important as having an efficient furnace is keeping it that way. That is why Allred Furnace can not only repair your furnace when it is needed but will recommend a three- pronged twice yearly maintenance program.

By checking the parts, tuning the machine, and replacing filters, you will avoid future expensive repair bills.  Your furnace will last much longer and burn more efficiently.

New Furnace Options for Bellevue Residents


Allred Heating recommends the Gold Furnace series from American Standard, which is recognized for manufacturing some of the best furnaces in the world.

All three models, starting with the Gold SM Furnace, exceed the federal standards for fuel efficiency, keeping that monthly bill down.  We are a furnace repair company serving Bellevue, WA with complete furnace service for maintenance, repair and new furnace installation.

Owner operated. Call 206-452-1991. Exceeding these standards also lowers the greenhouse gas emissions, too. The steel cabinets are insulated, holding heat within which better warms your home.

The Gold SM furnace is able to convert 80% of the fuel into heat and is both quiet and durable for years of service, especially when maintained correctly.

The Gold SM Furnace 2 Stage features two-stage heating with the above features. The two-stage heating reduces temperature swings, so no more of the “too warm-too cool” feeling you can sometimes have with an inefficient furnace.

The top of the line Gold ZM Furnace converts an astounding 95% plus of your fuel into heat.

Many of these models will also earn you a federal tax credit, just ask Allred Heating for more details! The fan motor has variable speed and during the hot summer days your home will feel cooler since indoor humidity is reduced.

Why choose us for Furnace Service in Bellevue?


Your furnace is one of the most important components of your home, providing comfort and a healthy environment for you and yours.

Allred is a family business and they understand that sometimes you may have a breakdown during non-business hours, which is why they are available for emergency services on the weekends if you need a repair.

With nearly a decade in HVAC and electrical experience, you’ll find Allred to be not only friendly, but knowledgeable, and willing to help, all at a very competitive price. Call 206-452-1991 or 425-366-7430, or visit www.allredheating.com.