Electrician Serving the Sumner WA Community


Electricity usage has become the second skin of residents of Sumner, WA. Its continued and uninterrupted usage is ensured by Allred Heating, Cooling and Electrical through our electrical service. Our experienced electrician won’t give you the chance be grieved by an electrical fallout. We possess all the necessary licenses and certificates for administering electrical repair. Our electrician in Sumner is also certified for repair work. With services from our electrician, you are assured a hassle-free experience, both money and fatigue-wise.

Our electrician serving the Sumner area is experienced in traditional and modern repair methods for all appliances. Whether your home is new or old you need:

  • A licensed electrician
  • Uncompromised electrical service
  • Impeccable electrical repair with warranted replacements

We are certified in electrical repair tasks and assure no future problem of the same kind. Be relaxed when we get provide electrical service at your home.

Electrical Service for Sumner Residents * Kitchen Appliances * Lighting


Electrical service needs vary for different Sumner homeowners. Don’t worry at all with our electrician addressing your qualms. Our knowledge of electrical service issues progresses with changing technology. Electrical repair now is different than it used to be; but don’t worry - we are there to help. Our electrician is up-to-date on all changes for different sorts of repairs.

Electrical service for new and old homes is possible conveniently with us. You can opt for our electrical service in Sumner for these reasons:

  • Electric repair doesn’t take too long
  • Our electrician does his work in a friendly manner
  • Electrical repair for appliances used in kitchen and elsewhere in home
  • Electrical repair with no future complaints

Contact us if you want a high quality and affordable electrical service.

Electrical Repair or New Installation in Sumner


Electric appliances’ restoration is matter of minutes for our electrical repair experts in Sumner. Rush to us for help from our electrician. You’ll need our electrical service for installation of all the new appliances you purchase. Since usage of electrical appliances is needed every day, ensure their continued working with our electrical repair service for Sumner residents.

With our electrical repair, we take care of :

  • Installation needs with our electrical service
  • Electrical repair for daily use devices
  • Need for enhanced capacity enabled by electrician
  • Affordable electrical repair

Trust us for high-quality electrical service.

Find a suitable electrician in Sumner from Allred Heating, Cooling and Electrical. Call us at 206-452-1991.