Ductless HVAC Tacoma


A ductless HVAC system is an upgraded version of older heating and cooling systems that work from a central unit that heats an entire property. The indoor unit of a ductless HVAC encloses a fan and an evaporator coil, while the outdoor unit contains a compressor and condenser.

These units are then connected with a conduit drilled into the exterior wall. Ductless HVAC systems ensure:

  • Easy installation
  • More cooling options
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Energy and money savings
  • Noiseless operation

For homes, schools, hospitals, offices and nursing homes, ductless HVAC systems may be a better option. Ductless HVAC systems pose no damage to the ozone layer and hence are eco-friendly, plus they let in less outdoor air.

Allred Heating Cooling & Electric offers services for the installation of ductless HVACs for Tacoma, WA residents through our skilled and vastly experienced team of technicians.

Ductless AC Tacoma


The working of a ductless AC is similar to that of a normal air conditioner but without ducts. Ductless AC units work by blowing warm and humid indoor air over evaporator coils filled with refrigerant, which absorbs the heat and pushes cooler air into the living area or room by the internal blower.

A ductless AC provides better cooling, as it begins cooling as soon as the indoor blower is turned on. It also offers you the luxury of enjoying a cool environment in all rooms with one single unit with the help of a remote. Ductless AC units provides:

  • Customized cooling
  • Better energy savings
  • Reduced electricity bills

We are in the business of providing services pertaining to the installation of ductless AC in Tacoma through our factory-trained technicians at competitive prices.

Tacoma Ductless Heater


A ductless heater consists of an indoor unit, mounted on the wall and attached to the compressor outside. The ductless heater is installed by drilling a very small hole, reducing its vulnerability to air leakage and security issues.

Although a ductless heater operates in the same way as an air conditioner, it uses a reversing valve. This way, the flow of refrigerant can be reversed to provide heating and cooling with the same unit in Tacoma. A ductless heater is:

  • Less visible
  • Almost inaudible
  • An energy saver

Ductless heaters are well-suited for residences, work place, schools, added-on rooms and retirement homes. We specialize in installation of ductless heaters in Tacoma, offering our efficient and flawless services at affordable charges to residents.

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