Ductless HVAC NE Tacoma


Ductless HVAC systems are beautifully designed for room comfort. However, installing one correctly depends on the choice the homeowner makes in hiring a contractor. Allred Heating Cooling & Electric provides ductless HVAC systems in NE Tacoma, WA, and we install them with trained and experienced technicians.

We are a licensed company providing the best ductless AC services in the entire city. A ductless HVAC is comfortable for users, as it provides a wall-mounted indoor device with outdoor air compressor.

The installation of these systems, including a ductless heater, requires only a small hole to be drilled, which helps your room to remain air-tight. Our team is well-trained for all work related to ductless HVAC units, including:

  • Installation
  • Repairs
  • Maintenance

Our services are rated above average by our customers thanks to our impeccable service and courteous approach. You can access our services if you are seeking ductless HVAC services in NE Tacoma.

Ductless AC NE Tacoma


Ductless AC is the best available option for energy efficient homes and small areas that need a controllable temperature. We provide ductless AC installation in NE Tacoma that is carried out without any mess.

Keep your home cool with a ductless AC unit and be proud of your investment. The cost of the AC units may vary with the brand of the system you choose and its size.

As these systems come in a couple of sizes, our team can suggest you the most suitable size for your area. Some points that should be considered during installation of the system include:

  • Strength of the wall
  • Proper spacing between wall and AC
  • Appropriate installation height
  • Correct tilt angle

These guidelines will save you from future problems that may arise if the ductless AC installation is not done properly.

NE Tacoma Ductless Heater


Ductless heaters can save you from excess cold or when you want a controlled temperature. We provide ductless heater service in NE Tacoma, which includes installation and the purchase of the system.

You can find our ductless heating and cooling system reviews from our past customers. Ductless heaters may be the best option for you, as they only require a small hole to be drilled to provide amazing climate control benefits.

If you have a ductless heater that isn't working, however, we can repair it. Some of the ductless heater issues we see include:

  • Clogged air filters
  • Dirty coils
  • High atmospheric temperature
  • Insufficient coolant
  • Faulty compressors

Call us today to schedule an appointment for your system.

You can reach Allred Heating Cooling & Electric at (206) 452-1991 for ductless heater or ductless HVAC installation and repairs in NE Tacoma.