Air Conditioning Service for Sammamish Residents


Cooling in the summer can be almost as important as heating in the winter in the Sammamish area.

Whether you have, or need to purchase an air conditioner or a heat pump, call Allred Heating, Cooling and Electric for sales, installation and/or service.

The fast and friendly service you receive from Allred is part of our approach to business. We are a family owned company and consider our customers to be part of our family too.

If your current cooling system needs repairs we will come out ASAP (we even take emergency calls on weekends!) to get your home back to the most comfortable temperatures for your family.

Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance for Sammamish Homeowners


We guarantee our repairs, including parts and labor, for a year. We also suggest a maintenance plan to extend the life of your current system including check-ups once or twice a year. We will change filters, replace any worn parts, and tune everything up to keep the efficiency level at its peak.

This will extend the life of your system for years compared to not having the annual service done, and will save you money over time with reduced fuel costs too.

New Air Conditioning Installation for Comfort in Sammamish


Allred Heating sells and installs several brands of air conditioning units and we will help you select the one that is right for your home.

Your needs will depend upon the size and layout of your home and what type of fuel you will use and other factors come into play as well.

We have over 10 years of HVAC experience and can assist in finding the perfect solution.

Here is what one company has to say about their product:  Mitsubishi Electric is a world leader in air conditioning systems for residential, commercial and industrial use.

Challenged to create air conditioning systems that provide exemplary performance in the wide-ranging climatic conditions found throughout Japan, our engineers develop amazingly sophisticated yet durable units and systems capable of constant use under virtually any natural climatic condition on earth.

Each product is an amazing feat in its own, delivering years of quiet operation, energy-efficient performance and minimum impact on the environment.

Call Allred for a Cooler More Comfortable Home in Sammamish

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